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Information and Sources

Where would we be without authoritative and informational sources for what one sees on this website, or any other?    Although what I write is original (meaning comes from within me, using a virtual crib sheet) it is likely information and ideas the Reader has seen before, or at least has some similarity to that.  Since what those of us on the right (also called, perhaps sometimes incorrectly, "patriots") have in common is a respect for our founding principles of freedom, justice, wisdom, opportunity, and prosperity.  Some will note the absence of the word "equality."   More about that later.
I can feel some hackles being raised with this assertion, so let me suggest some common sources - along with discussion - from various viewpoints for those of us who value the original declaration (with yet another pesky word, independence) of what this nation of people could and should be.  It was thought out and put into writing long ago.  Should you wonder what those documents are, you are likely on a website that is not appropriate for you.
Some of my daily favorites (more coming) are, and yes, you will have to do a search for them (it good for your brain, and you might learn something new and even useful):
Rip McIntosh
Patriot Post
Fox News
The Babylon Bee
The first two of these are simply commentaries and opinions, which for me are about the best and most useful out there in the political ether.  They also use big words.  Most denizens of Silicon Valley abhor them and never read them.
The second two are news sources, with Newsmax being a bit more hard-hitting than Fox News, and could be considered mainstream if you have poured out all the Kool-Aid (just Google Jim Jones) already in your reading preferences.  The last is another funny and satirical website, populated by those who no longer drag their knuckles on the ground (not that the others do, but you will see a distinct difference should you dare to sample the writings therein), which is described in the last paragraph.
There are of course others with varying degrees of humor, wit, sarcasm, truth, and all the other eternal verities that make the life of a political, cultural, and social animal worthwhile.  To find these, use Google or other search engines to easily do so, or ask your friends, should you have any left after they learn you viewed this website. 
We all know that Silicon Valley does not approve of libertarian websites (I worked there most of my career, but was finally cured once I moved away to sentient civilization.)  The quality in these efforts varies (depending on how you define "quality"), but I like a broad range of input, which I can easily refine as needed.   
I always like to finish my daily reading with the Babylon Bee, since it puts it all in perspective in a deliciously funny and morbidly accurate way, and does not leave me with suicidal thoughts.   I have been a contributor to and supporter of the latter website, so I have a dog in this fight, and he is snarly and gnarly but can be occasionally petted if carefully given a treat.
More information to follow, depending on the input, my muse, You, the internet censors, and the continuance of thinking western civilization.  Given the last condition, I suggest you hurry.
In addition, as I publish this, I came upon a talk by Dr. Scott W. Atlas (a well known  former professor and chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center) on the politicization of the pandemic .  I strongly recommend this information to any one who is curious about the un-explained issues behind the pandemic:
My assertion is that there is far more going on behind the scenes related to our loss of freedoms due to the pandemic than the public knows.