El Loco Red


Thoughts will follow, once I have some that might be socially acceptable, will not result in my banishment from the internet, and assuming Wix does not block me from their product.   This last chapter will be ongoing until the Guardians Of Pure Thought find out where I really am, and that I might be a threat to whatever they treasure.
I have therefore created this catch-all page called "Thoughts" to capture the electrical impulses that course through my old and enfeebled - yet still functioning - brain, which on other websites might be characterized as "rants."    I deny that these will be those, only random yet urgent ideas and assertions that might light up some other brain cells in alternate universes (meaning other human beings).  The word "rants" is not dignified enough to warrant a chapter heading, even if descriptive of the contents.
To wit (as the lawyers would say):
1.   I have noticed that the world seems to be heading more and more into an entropic state based on the ongoing "discussions" taking place amongst our fearless leaders regarding the best way to organize humanity for the intended purposes they have.   (One can argue interminably whether the "they" means the organizers or those who are organized, and we will not do that here.)  That last sentence rates yet another website at some time in the future should we actually agree upon that intended purpose, which is highly unlikely given the wide range of neural cells at play in humanity, and what the possessors of those neural cells agree to be the purpose of intelligent life on this planet.   I will not debate that last sentence, so don't even try.
2.   Let's ask this:   "What are we doing here, and why?"   Obviously this question is far too massive and difficult for most humans to intelligently discuss, given the wide variety of backgrounds, viewpoints, and goals and aspirations of humanity.  And what would be the point?  People and animals and politicians and other lifeforms have, I submit, as their primary goal extending and enhancing life, despite all the evidence to the contrary in your particular news feeds.   If we agree on that, then we have the difficulty of defining "enhancing" which would take yet another website, and so on, and so forth.   It's easier to turn on the television, pop a beer, and watch re-runs (or whatever it is that you do when upset, bored, sleepy, or whatever pejorative you have for that mood that we all know, cannot define, and do not want to face).
3.  What's the purpose of it all?  Grappling with this eternal and likely unanswerable question can prevent us from addressing more basic questions such as "can I have some food/love/shelter/meaning" or whatever else is lurking in the human brain.   All of which is elitist sophistry compared to the basic "how do I stay alive" followed by "why and what and who and how and when" and on and on.  It never ends until it does.
4.  Enough sophomoric gobbledygook, and on to the main question:   (Fill in the blank as you were properly taught.)   What you wrote to fill in the blank is the right answer; congratulations!   So what is next?
Take the previous paragraphs, repeat endlessly, and you will begin to see a pattern called "this is my life."   Once realized and taken seriously, most people then seek to find a greater meaning and purpose, get great value and energy from that quest, and move on to "more, better, and different."   Then the cycle is repeated endlessly, always different, but the same.  And each time we are correct, fulfilled, and move on to the next chapter.
I started this particular train of thought to answer a question I did not have fully developed, but seemingly have stumbled onto a greater question, which has either one or a million answers, depending on who and how and when and why it is asked:   "Why?"    And there is always some wise-ass in the back of the room (or your mind) that says:   "Why not?"
Enter from stage left (or right) the concept of meaning, religion, spirituality, philosophy, or other word or concept that you prefer, and of course that is the answer.   We create a context, make it "real," step into it, become enveloped and enclosed, and have the answer we seek.   It works, it turns out neatly, and we go on, secure in the knowledge that we have discovered.
I can, for now, think of nothing else to say that would improve on what I have said, which is a first for me, and perhaps a sign that it is time for a respite.
I wish for all of us - in the most inclusive meaning of that word - love, insight, wisdom, connection, and appreciation.   Thanks for listening and understanding.  I am finally at peace.
El Loco