El Loco Red

Precepts and Assumptions

As every political and cultural polemic starts out (and this will be no different), we are in uncharted perilous times.  I submit that not only is this the case today, but that we are at an inflection point, and our course from now on will change our potential future forever.   Enough of the pious platitudes, and on to the meat of the subject.

Choices and Results

As can be seen in the photo above, moving forward from where we stand involves a choice:   the ridge to the right, the valley below, or the rolling hills to the left.  Each has advantages and disadvantages which must be considered along with a decision as to where we want to go, at what speed, and what mode of transportation we choose from what is available.  I took this photo from a spot about a ten minute walk from our house, and the cliff may be useful when the thought police come looking.

It is immediately apparent that the choice we make will most likely be decided by the relative importance of our goals, the amount of time we have, what we intend to use to make the journey, what vehicles or guides or tools we have, any maps or charts from others who have gone this way, but most importantly, what the values and goals are that we have, and how best do we implement and use those values and goals.

I believe that all of these must be considered in any journey, along with how best we can proceed, but most importantly, what the driving force is behind the journey we seek to take.  That is to say, what are our principles and desired outcomes, and what are we willing to expend in time, energy, and effort to accomplish our goals.  What is it we really want?

Clearly, different people have different answers to those questions, and how they are solved in a group of people is likely a good working definition of "civilization" or whatever other word one chooses to describe an effort such as this.

Culture, education, background, history, desires, wants, needs, and many other intangibles will inform our passage and provide goals and guideposts to plot our course.  If our life-force is seen as a river, then the destination as well as the passage through our lives is a product of all the tangible and intangible beliefs, attitudes, and goals we each have individually - and together.

Much of what we call our "lives" is a partially conscious effort to live according to the precepts, beliefs, and availability of "tools" to get us to where we want to go.   Many say that life need not be attaining a conscious goal, but simply living moment-to-moment within a broader structure similar to the those described above.  How we work together to achieve our individual goals within the structure of community has been a contentious communal conversation since time began, and will continue to be so until far into the future.

All of these are mere words and platitudes and ideas and thoughts, and I intend to probe, look, question, share, and provoke in whatever way seems appropriate at the time (perhaps even if not appropriate) as a way of connecting to others, which after all, is the purpose and gift and joy of life.

I will be using some links to the thoughts and ideas of others who are far more articulate than I am in many of the arenas in which I hope to contribute.   I had considered adding a section for interactions between those of us who might occasionally follow this meandering mélange of thoughts, ideas, and insights, but then I recalled the old joke about one's inability to distinguish between "insights" and "bullshit," and so I will present both without labeling them so that the Reader can make his or her own judgment.

You have been warned!   Further, I was considering adding my email address to the website so those who want to engage in verbal gladiatorial combat can do so.   I have been advised that this is a slippery slope, and I am not sure my ego could withstand the onslaught from others far more intelligent, competent, and weird than me.  We shall see.   You'll have to continue reading to find out.

Finally (perhaps), I submit and strongly believe that everything in life is a rough draft, needing only final minor corrections and touches to become perfect (including human beings).   And as in life, so it is on websites, particularly this one.  You'll need a sense of humor, at least half of your wit, and a great deal of forgiveness (in all ways) to get through this successfully.

Kind of like life, isn't it?

Off we go!