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I reserved this part of the website for random, disconnected, pensive, probing, and maybe outrageous thoughts as they come up in my fertile mind for inspection and approval and publishing.  I encourage you to discuss with your friends if you like, or simply read and think.
May 7, 2021
As the political and social fabric that heretofore glued this vast country of disparate elements in the form of cities, counties and states with differing mixes of cultural, political, racial, and economic variations appears to be rapidly unraveling (certainly more than in my lifetime of seventy eight years), many are questioning whether we will be able to keep the union together.  I for one think the national discourse is becoming more varied, agitated, offensive, and rational discussions are being replaced with anger, threats, divisions, and a wide variation in what this country has been, is, and should be.
One simply has to look at the wide variations between the geographical, cultural, and political differences to see that this true, and we seem to be more widely separated - by almost all measures - than ever before, including the Civil War in the 1860's.  If one is even a bit aware of this (and there are some who are not, I admit), then with ever more strident and abrasive conversations happening with more frequency, the question is where will this all end?  Let me struggle a bit with more questions than answers.
(More coming.)